Image of Adrin Neatrour

Adrin Neatrour

1948  Born London - UK
1961-5 St Pauls School London
1966-9  University of Sussex
1970-71  Institute of Criminology, Cambridge
1971-8  Research and Teaching University of Northumbria
1978-88  Working as actor writer direstor with Community Theatre Groups in Newcastle
2004-2019  Working member of ritual theatre group: The Byker Mummers
1983-89  Working as filmmaker and editor: films include: Blud, Wall of Death, Boxing Booth, the Gaff. Produced and Directed two series of short films for Raging Water Productions - sold internationally.
1989-94  Concentrated on bringing up family and surviving. Peripatetic film making, theatre work film editing and window cleaning.
1995-  Working in film making documentaries: films include: Lights from Nowhere, The Cleveland Experiment; Catch-a-Fishie Perpetual Motion Machine, Where the Bee Sucks (2016)
2003-5  Volunteer with Side Cinema, Programming and curating films. Seasons include: film noir and John Cassavetes season.
2006-  Volunteer with Star and Shadow cinema. Work includes running and managing the cinema and bar on a regular basis, programming and curating.

Major projects to date:curating seasons of films:
2007  The New York Underground Film Festival in Newcastle
2008  A season of Fred Wiseman documentaries and a series of seminars on the nature of contemporary documentary film
2009  Seasons of Jazz films and Danny Lyons documentary films.
2010  A season called Off the Highway .US independent movies of the ‘70s and a season a classic Westerns.
2011  A Chantal Akerman Season and a season of silent movie classics.
2012  2 seasons of silent films; Robert Bresson Season
These film seasons involved organizing all aspects of the season: film selection and supporting seminars discussions and lectures through to booking shipping publicity and ticket sales.
2013  Major Festival: One pot Food and Film Festival
2014  MAJOR Festival: Film and Music festival
2015  Major Festival: Film and Women
2019  Major Festival Film and Science

Performance – One man shows:
2013–2014  Kafka’s ‘A report to an Acadamy
2015-2016  Dostoevski’s “ The Dream of a Ridiculous Man’
2018-2019  Rhyming God.


2018  Riverside Voices (Doc 30 mins for West End Heritage Group)
2016  Neil Oram reads from…
2016  Where the bee sucks…(Doc 55 min; international distribution)
2013  Machines once used now lie neglected (Doc 51 min)
2011  Report from Northern Coal Face ( Doc 26 min)
2009  PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE(Doc 30 mins. international distribution)
2009  Dr Jones Animation Machine (Short 6 mins)
2009  ‘RESPONSE’ 2009 (Short drama 14 mins)
2007  CLIP ON THE EAR (short)
2007  THE COBBLER’S LAST TALE (38min Doc)
2007  Echolalia (8 minute short - theatrical release)
2006  CATCH-a-FISHIE (50 min Doc)
2006  HAND MADE FEAT (short film for Tyne Wear museums)
2005  TYGERS OF INSTRUCTION(Newcastle University/World Bank)
2004  THE LAST KILL (40 min Doc - Northern Lights Film Festival)
2002  THE COBBLER’S TALE (30 Min Doc – International distribution)
2001-  THE CLEVELAND EXPERIMENT(48 min Doc - int.distribution)
1999-  SPOON BENDERS(30 min Doc -international distribution)
1995-  ChemHAz (Rising Sun Countryside Centre)
1995-  Staying clear (Training film Northumbria Probation)
1994-  Clean the Beach (FOE)
1993-  Barcaple (Presentational Video Northumbria Probation)
1992-  Day Time (Northumbria Probation, offender training group)
1992-  Working Time (Presentational Video Northumbria Probation)
1991-  Getting Out (Northumbria Probation training film)
1989-  1993 14 short films for Ragingwater Productions (Sold to broadcasters in 170+ countries: inc -ITV network, ZDF, FR2,USA Channel 13.)
1990-  WINGS IN THE ATTIC ( 1 x 30 min drama for Border TV)
1991-  STRIM (1 X 15 Min children's pilot drama for TTTV)
1985  The Gaff - Newcastle Film Festival
1984-  Boxing Booth - New York, Oberhausen, Wellington, Madrid, Koln, Newcastle Film Festivals. Theatrical distribution.
1983-  Wall of Death - Newcastle, Dublin Film Festivals
1981-  sssSupermale - Newcastle, York, Inverness, Leicester Festivals
1979-  Autofreight