Footprint Information

What is it?

Footprint 2019 is an environmental conference which aims to generate discussion around the subject of climate change. It is open to everyone who would like to come and join in. Footprint aims to host a range of talks, workshops, debates and art exhibits all themed around different aspects of climate change. The delegates attending vary in scope from local to Durham city to nationwide and even globally.
By having a range of perspectives we hope to encourage open discussion around climate change and promote interaction with the many topics available over the course of the two days.
If one thing were to come out of the conference we would hope people feel empowered to discuss climate change and enact positive differences in their life, whether as individuals or activists, helping to solve this global threat.

When and where is it?

Footprint 2019 will be held in Durham's historic Town Hall in Market Square on 13-14th June from 10-6pm each day.
We encourage people to reach us without the use of cars, with Durham train station only a 9 minute walk away and Durham city itself very walkable. For those who do require use of cars there are several park and ride schemes available, as well as limited parking in the city centre itself. There is wheelchair access to most of the building, we would like for everyone to be able to attend so if you may need assistance on the day please let us know through the contact page.

image of Durham Town Hall
image of main hall
image of council chambers
image of Burlison Gallery

How do I get tickets?

Tickets are free and available through our Eventbrite page.We wanted to ensure Footprint is open to everyone so chose for it to be free. Those interested are able to donate to the running costs of Footprint 2019 (an entirely volunteer run conference) there is an option on our Eventbrite page. More can be found out about the ticket on the tickets page

Meet the team

Will Profile

Will Jollans

Hello! I'm Will and am currently in my 3rd year of an Electronic Engineering MEng at the University of Durham. I find huge interest in engineering solutions to parts of climate change, from electric cars to social movements. Through a desire to get more people informed about climate I have become involved in Footprint 2019; hopefully it will inspire people (including myself) to help make a change on a micro and macro level.

Jess Profile

Jess Chadwick

Hi, I’m Jess, a third year bioscientist at Durham University and secretary for Footprint 2019. I have a keen interest in the environment, focusing on conservation and plant science within my degree. Increasing reports from scientific bodies indicate the importance of environmental action, something that I believe can be best fostered through open discussion and a wider sense of community. I was an on the day helper for Footprint 2018 and was inspired by the talks and workshops I attended to get more involved. I’m incredibly excited for this year’s event and am so proud of all members of the team for the time they have put in from their busy lives.

Victoria Profile

Victoria Prowse

Hi! My name is Victoria Prowse and I have recently graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in Geography. I am fascinated by the interrelations between the social and physical worlds. Therefore, I have been inspired to help organise ‘Footprint 2019’ in order to develop discussions around the in-balance within such interactions.

Elisa Profile

Elisa Benham

I’m Elisa, a second year Natural Scientist at Durham University. I am passionate about the environment, and am really interested in how we can incorporate sustainability into our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprints. After attending Footprint last year, I am eager to continue the climate conversation, looking to later do a masters in an environmental topic.

Our Sponsors

Durham County Council

County Council

Durham County Council have been extremely generous in providing the Town Hall for Footprint 2019
Website / Facebook / Twitter

Durham Energy Institute

DEI logo

DEI have been instrumental in the running of Footprint 2019, providing financial support and enabling work with the Durham Advisory Board
Website / Facebook / Twitter

Insitute of Hazard, risk and resiliance

IHRR logo

IHRR were a key partner in the running of Footprint 2019 with kind financial backing and helping to create the excellent programme for the conference.
Website / Facebook / Twitter

Hotel Indigo Durham

IHRR logo

Hotel Indigo Durham has been very helpful in helping us secure accommodation for delegates, enabling many to attend from further afield.
Website / Facebook / Twitter