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Global Greengrants Fund UK

Climate change is the most urgent challenge we face today. It can be overwhelming and scary to think about the future and current impacts of climate change on our lives. But there is hope, opportunity and power in local solutions, driven by people like you and me. This session will introduce what these grassroots solutions to climate change look like, at home in the UK and further afield. We will discuss where individual responsibilities and the need for systemic change connect, and what we all can and need to do. Join us for a lively discussion on grassroots climate solutions!

Eva Rehse

Eva Rehse is Executive Director of Global Greengrants Fund UK. Global Greengrants operates an activist-led small grants model, which supports grassroots organisations and activists in responding to their local needs. Global Greengrants’ mission is to mobilise resources for communities to protect our planet and work toward a more equitable world. To achieve this mission, Eva engages with European philanthropy and individual supporters, promoting community-led environmental sustainability, environmental and socialjustice, and climate justice. She is a member of the European Steering Group of the EDGE Funders Alliance (Engaged Donors for Global Equity) and the Alliance Magazine Editorial Advisory Board, and an alumni of the Oak Foundation and Resource Alliance’s Future Leaders Programme.

Jodie Stempel

Jodie Stempel is an intern at Global Greengrants Fund UK where she assists the organisation in its grantmaking, fundraising and communications activities. Prior to joining Greengrants, Jodie volunteered on organic city farms and community-led environmental projects in Australia. She also worked as an intern for ‘Green Commodities’, a small development programme for the UNDP in Panama which focused on transforming the commodity sector through sustainable projects and policies. Jodie holds a B.A. in Sustainable Development with a pathway in Politics from the University of Edinburgh