Footprint Programme

Here you can find introductions to talks that have been announced, with many more exciting speakers will be revealed overtime. To learn more about the speakers click on their names or photos to be taken to a bio.

Paul Allen

Wicked Problems need Wicked Solutions

Building on the groundwork laid by Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain project over the last 14 years, this talk helps us understand how the climate emergency is a wicked problem, one which gets worse if we don’t act and is deeply engrained in the ways we live our lives.

Thankfully, our human response embodies some ‘wicked solutions’ that can also accelerate change. Many of the solutions we need also contain an emerging array of feedbacks, which accelerate both the scale and speed of their deployment. Also, when the shift to these new technologies is combined with a ‘just transition’, the process begins to engage more and more people. But perhaps the most powerful element of this ‘wicked solution’ is that delivering a zero carbon future also holds the potential to be one of the most exciting opportunities in human history, offering us the chance to simultaneously resolve many other problems.

The talk introduces the Centre for Alternative Technology’s most recent report Rising to the Climate Emergency, which offers a positive and technically feasible future scenario that aims to stimulate debate, foster all-party political commitment and catalyse action across all parts of society. To find out more, visit

Geoff Moore

Virtuous enterprise in the Anthropocene: Desire, Consumption and Climate Change

This talk will begin by very briefly summarising the problems of the Anthropocene, and the solutions that have been proposed. It identifies gaps at the individual level of human desire and the organisational or enterprise level. It then takes us further back by exploring the problems of human desire as they are revealed in the patterns of consumption which, it can be argued, are at the heart of the ecological crisis. Although difficult, consumer desire can be curbed and redirected if individuals become aware of what actually makes for human flourishing. In what has been termed a ‘degrowth’ society, the question for enterprises (all enterprises) is what their contribution to this might be. The proposed solution is that enterprises should be involved in the redirection and re-education of desire for both their employees and customers.